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TOP 100

Du skal vre logget p for at anmelde skiver.


A.S.A.P : Silver And Gold
Aaron, Lee : Body Rock
Accept : Eat The Heat
Aerosmith : Pump
Aidean : Promises
Airkraft : Airkraft
Alexa : Alexa
Almighty, The : Blood, Fire & Love
American Angel : American Angel
Angelica : Angelica
Anthrax : Penikufesin (Ep)
Atheist : Piece Of Time
Axxis : Kingdom Of The Night
BABYLON A.D. : Babylon A.D.
Backstreet Girls : Party On Elm Street
Bad English : Bad English
Bad Habit : After Hours
Bad Sister : Heartbreaker
Badlands : Badlands
Balaam and The Angel : Days Of Madness
Baltimoore : There's No Danger On The Roof
Bam Bam Boys : Bam Bam Boys
Bang Tango : Psycho Cafe
Banshee : Race Against Time
Barracuda : Open Fire
Barren Cross : State Of Control
BEAU NASTY : Dirty, But Well Dressed
Beck, Robin : Trouble Or Nothin'
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Soundtrack : Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Soundtrack
Bishop, Stephen : Bowling In Paris
Bitch : A Rose By Any Other Name
Bite The Bullet : Bite The Bullet
BLACK SABBATH : Headless cross
Blind Guardian : Follow The Blind
Blonde On Blonde : Labyrinth Of Love
Bloodgood : Out Of The Darkness
Blue Blud : The Big Noise
Blue Murder : Blue Murder
Bolt Thrower : Realm of Chaos
Bolton, Michael : Soul Provider
Bon Jovi : Lay Your Hands On Me (Japansk cd)
BONFIRE : Point Blank
Bongiovi, Jodi : Jodi Bongiovi
Bonham : The Disregard of Timekeeping
Braithwaite, Daryl : Edge
Bridge 2 Far : Bridge 2 Far
BRITNY FOX : Boys In Heat
Bullens, Cindy : Cindy Bullens
Butcher, Jon : Pictures From The Front
Candlemass : Tales of creation
Carcass : Symphonies of Sickness
Carlisle, Belinda : Runaway Horses
Carr, Eric : Rockology
Cats In Boots : Kicked & Klawed
Cher : Heart Of Stone
China : Sign In The Sky
Cloven Hoof : A Sultans Ransom
Cooper, Alice : Trash
Craaft : Craaft (US)
Creek, The : Storm The Gate
CRIMSON GLORY : Transcendence
Crow, Sheryl : The Globe Sessions - Tour Edition
Cry Before Dawn : Witness for the World
Cry Wolf : Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf : Cry Wolf (Japaner)
Cua, Rick : Midnight Sun
Cult, The : Sonic Temple
Cure, The : Disintegration
Cutting Crew : The Scattering
D.A.D : No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
D.A.D : Special
D.A.D : Draws A Circle
Da Vinci : Back In Business
DALTON : Injection
Dan Reed Network : Slam
Danger Danger : Danger Danger
Dangerous Toys : Dangerous Toys
Dare Force : Firepower
Dark Angel : Leave Scars
Dayne, Taylor : Can't Fight Fate
De Mont : Body Language
Def Leppard : In the roundI/n your face (DVD)
Defcon : Defcon
Delta Rebels : Down In The Dirt
Demon : Taking The World By Storm
Diamond Rexx : Rated Rexx
Dion : Yo Frankie
Dirty Blonde : Passion
Dirty Looks : Turn Of The Screw
Distance : Under The One Sky
Diverse : Protect The Innocent / 30 Metal Monsters
Diving For Pearls : Diving For Pearls
Dogs D'amour, The : King Of The Thieves/Errol Flynn
DOMAIN : Before The Storm
DORO : Force Majeure
Dream Theater : When Dream And Day Unite
DRIVE SHE SAID : Drive She Said
Dum Dum Boys : Splitter Pine
Eddie St. James Project : Out Of Nowhere
Electric Boys : Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride
Enuff Z'Nuff : Enuff Z'Nuff
Eriksen, Mads : Journey
Evenrude : One Size Fits All
Extreme : Extreme
EZO : Fire Fire
Fahrenheit : Talking 'bout Love
Faith No More : The Real Thing
Faster Pussycat : Wake Me When Its Over
Fates Warning : Perfect Symetry
Fifth Angel : Time Will Tell
Fiona : Heart Like A Gun
Fire Fox : Fire Fox
Firkins, Michael Lee : Michael Lee Firkins
Flesh and Blood : Dead, White and Blue
FM : Tough It Out
Frehley, Ace : Trouble Walkin'
Freud, James : Step Into The Heat
Front, The : The Front
Gamma Ray : Heading For Tomorrow
Geoff Moore & The Distance : Foundations
Giant : Last Of The Runaways
Glory : Danger in This Game
Gorky Park : Gorky Park
Gramm, Lou : Long Hard Look
Great White : Twice Shy
Gringos Locos : Punch Drunk
GUARDIAN : First watch
Gun : Taking On The World
Guns N' Roses : G N' R Lies
Hagar, Sammy : VOA
Hagar, Sammy : Red Hot-Very Live In Concert
Harlot : Room With A View
Hart, Robert : Cries and Whispers
Heads Up : The Long Shot
Heavens Gate : In Control
Helloween : Live in the U.K.
Henley, Don : The End Of The Innocence
Hit The Ground Runnin' : Sudden Impact
Holy Moses : The New Machine Of Liechtenstein
Hooters, The : Zig Zag
Hot Boy : Barely Legal
Hotel Hunger : This Is Where The Fun Starts
Howe II : High Gear
Hurricane Alice : Compilation Tape
icon : Right between the eyes
Intice : Taste The Night
Jet Red : Jet Red
John, Elton : Sleeping With The Past
Johnson, Don : Let it Roll
Jones, Mick : Mick Jones
Jones, Steve : Fire And Gasoline
Junkyard : Junkyard
Karr, Tim : Rubbin' Me The Right Way
KEEL : Larger Than Live
Kickboxer Soundtrack : Karate Tiger 3 - Der Kickboxer
KING DIAMOND : Conspiracy
Kingdom Come : In Your Face
Kiss : Hot In The Shade
Kiss : Unreleased Kisses
Kreator : Extreme aggression
L.a. Guns : Cocked & Loaded
Law And Order : Guilty Of Innocence
Leather : Shock Waves
Leatherwolf : Street Ready
Liaison : Liaison
Lillian Axe : Love And War
Lion : Trouble in angel city
Little America : Fairgrounds
Little Angels : Don't Prey For Me
Little Caesar : Name Your Poison
Lizzy Borden : Master Of Disguise
Lord Tracy : Deaf gods of Babylon
LOUDNESS : Soldier Of Fortune
Loverboy : Big Ones
Lukather, Steve : Lukather
Lz Rockit : Annihilation Principle
Magnum (Usa) : No Secrets
Make A Difference Foundation : Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell
Malmsteen, Yngwie : Trial By Fire
Malmsteen, Yngwie : Trial By Fire Live In Leningrad ( DVD )
Marchello : Destiny
Mardones, Benny : Benny Mardones
Marillion : Seasons End
Marx, Richard : Repeat Offender
Masi, Alex : Attack of the neon shark
Mason : Inside Your Head
Mass : Voices In The Night
Mastedon : It's A Jungle Out There
Mattsson, Lars Eric : No Surrender
Melidian : Lost In the Wild
Merzy : Merzy
Messano : Messano
Metal Church : Blessing IN Disguise
Miller, Donnie : One Of The Boys
Misfits : Legacy Of Brutality
Molly Hatchet : Lightning Strikes
Monroe, Michael : Not Fakin it
Moore, Gary : After The War
Morales, Michael : Michael Morales
Morbid Angel : Altars of Madness
Morse, Steve : High Tension Wires
Mortal Sin : Face Of Despair
Mr. Big : Mr. Big
MSG : Save Yourself
Myles, Alannah : Alannah Myles
Mtley Cre : Dr. Feelgood
Mtley Cre : Live In Kansas City
Nasty Idols : Gigolos on Parole
Nasty Savage : Penetration Point
Nicks, Stevie : The Other Side Of The Mirror
Nirvana : Bleach
No Shame : Good Girls Dont Last
Nuclear Assault : Handle With Care
Oldfield, Mike : Earth Moving
Outfield, The : Voices Of Babylon
Overkill : The Years Of Decay
Pandora's Box : Original Sin
Pell, Axel Rudi : wild obsession
Petra : Petra Praise - The Rock Cries Out
Petra : Petra Means Rock
Phantom Blue : Phantom Blue
PINK CREAM 69 : Pink Cream 69
Poco : Legacy
PRETTY BOY FLOYD : Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
Queen : The Miracle
Rabin, Trevor : Cant Look Away
Rage : Secrets In A Weird World
Rage Of Angels : Rage Of Angels
Raitt, Bonnie : Nick Of Time
Raquel : Raquel
RayDeeOhh : RayDeeOhh
Reach, The : Under The Same Sky
Regatta : Regatta
Release : A Requiem for the World
Return : Straight Down The Line
Ronander, Mats : Rock'n'Roll Biznis
Rondat, Patrick : Just For Fun
Roulette : Hearts Keep On Burning
Royal Court Of China, The : Geared & Primed
Running Wild : Death Or Glory
Runrig : Searchlight
Rush : Presto
S.A.D.O. : Sensitive
Saga : The beginner's guide to throwing shapes
Salomonsen, Sanne : Sanne
Saraya : Saraya
Satriani, Joe : Flying In A Blue Dream
Savatage : Gutter Ballet
Saxon : Rock'N Roll GYpsies
Scanner : Terminal Earth
Schon, Neal : Late Nite
Sea Hags : Sea hags
Sepultura : Beneath the Remains
Sexton, Charlie : Charlie Sexton
Shanahan, Bernie : Bernie Shanahan
Shark Island : Law Of The Order
Shes China : The Night of Illusion
Shotgun Messiah : Shotgun Messiah
Shout : In Your Face
SHY : Misspent Youth
Sidekixx : Talk Of The Town
SIGNAL : Loud & Clear
Silent Rage : Don't Touch Me There
Skagarack : A Slice Of Heaven
Sky High : Have Guitar, Will Travel
Sliced Pimples : Fuckin Serious Guess Why ... ?
Slide : Down So Long
Soundtrack : Shocker, No More Mr. Nice Guy
Soundtrack : The Karate Kid Part 3
Soundtrack : A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
Squier, Billy : Hear & Now
Stage Dolls : Love Cries
Starship : Love Among The Cannibals
Steele, Sally : Alone In Love
Steelwings : Steelwings
Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys : Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys
Steve Whitney Band : Striptease
Stranger (USA) : No Rules
Strangeways : Walk In The Fire
Stratovarius : Fright Night
Summer, Henry Lee : I've Got Everything
Swedish Erotica : Swedish Erotica
Sweet, The : Live At The Marquee
Tangier : Four Winds
Tankard : Alien
Terrorizer : World Downfall
TESLA : The Great Radio Controversy
Testament : Practice What You Preach
Texas : Southside
Thompson, Michael Band : How Long
Thomson, Steve : Driving In America
Tindrum : How 'Bout This ?
Titan Force : Titan Force
TNT : Intuition
Tora Tora : Surprise Attack
Torino : Rock It
Total Stranger : Total Stranger
Transit : Dirty Pleasures
Transvision Vamp : Velveteen
Treat : Organized Crime
Triumph : Classics
Truth, The : Jump
Twain, Shania : For The Love Of Him
Uriah Heep : Raging Silence
Vain : No Respect
Vamp : The Rich Don't Rock
Various : Bill and Ted`s Excellent Adventure
VICTORY : Culture Killed The Native
VOODOO X : The Awakening
Vow Wow : Helter Skelter
W.a.s.p. : The headless Children
Walk On Fire : Blind Faith
Warp Drive : Gimme Gimme
Watch Tower : Control And Resistance
White Heart : Freedom
White Heat : We Never Heard Of You Either
White Lion : Big Game
WHITECROSS : Triumphant Return
Whitesnake : Slip Of The Tongue
Wild August : Wild August
Wilde, Danny : Danny Wilde
Wolfsbane : Live Fast, Die Fast
Wolvz : Down & Dirty
Wood, Joseph Lee : Joseph Lee Wood
Workforce : Workforce
Works, The : From Out Of Nowhere
World Trade : World Trade
Wrathchild : Delirium
Wrathchild America : Climbin' The Walls
Xenon : America's New Design
Zaffiro, David : The Other Side
Zaza : Just get it !
Zion : Thunder From The Mountain